AMcK: Getting a Sports Physical at AveraNow

(KSFY) - The first day of school is right around the corner, and that being said, many student-athletes participating in falls sports are rushing to get their required physicals.

But as Courtney Collen explains in tonight's Avera Medical Minute, the AveraNow located inside the Hy-Vee at 37th and Minnesota offers walk-in sports physicals at your own convenience.

"It's a very good, easy, smooth experience for most people," Billie Jo Baxa said.

No calling ahead is required. Student-athletes needing a sports physical can simply come to the AveraNow inside the Hy-Vee at 37th and Minnesota on their own time and get what they need.

Baxa is a physician's assistant at AveraNow.

"You're going to see either a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner in our clinic, and a nurse up front that helps us out," Baxa said. "It's just like walking into a normal clinic, except it's a retail setting so we're inside the Hy-Vee store."

"Whenever you have the time, you can just scramble in and they'll get you in," Gabe Dally said.

Dally is about to start his senior year at O'Gorman High School. His last bit of summer is packed full of activities.

He said being able to pop in to AveraNow for his sports physical fit into his crazy schedule.

"You could just come in whenever," Dally said. "It didn't really matter. It only took a couple minutes, and it wasn't too bad."

"It's a big deal to be able to just walk in when you have that hour to come on in and have the parent and the child available at the same time," Baxa said. "We just kind of check off the basics. We want to make sure that everything's good to go for the school year, and it's also a good time for the kid and parent to open up if they have any questions or concerns they have about the upcoming school year."

Baxa said AveraNow is all about convenience for patients.

"Our hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and we also have weekend hours," Baxa said. "We're 10 to 2 on Saturday and 12 to 4 on Sunday. It's nice because we can do them last minute, or we can do them way ahead of time. Any time they can have that extra hour to come on in is good."

The cost of a sports physical at AveraNow is a flat fee of $35. The sports physicals are offered year round at the AveraNow inside the Hy-Vee at 37th and Minnesota.

For more information call 1-877-at-Avera.