Aberdeen Mayor-elect Travis Schaunaman eager to begin new role

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After 15 years under the tutelage of Mayor Mike Levsen, Aberdeen will now get a fresh face in the Mayors office.

"Aberdeen has a lot to offer, Aberdeen's a great place to raise a family, it's a great place to start a business, you didn't hear about those things, and you're going to start hearing about them now," said Mayor Elect Travis Schaunaman.

Aberdeen Mayor-elect Travis Schaunaman is a long time entrepreneur and current owner of 'Production Monkeys.'

"Travis is a bright young man with a great future, he's a good businessman and he's a smart young man," said Kennith Gosch, Travis Schaunaman supporter.

He has built a strong following of people of all different ages.

"He's highly invested in Aberdeen, so just having that new kind of aura and presence in Aberdeen will definitely contribute to the overall atmosphere," said Logan Manhart, Travis Schaunaman supporter.

Three important issues that Schaunaman wants to work on as Mayor are reducing unnecessary regulations, recruiting quality jobs, and retaining promising youth.

"I'm already looking into regulations I think overstep the bounds of the local government, and we're going to be addressing those one by one," said Schaunaman.

The people who voted for him think he will help take Aberdeen to new heights over the next five years, and Schaunaman is just eager to get the ball rolling.

"I think just his energy, and his presence, having that fresh face, that energetic guy, he's a younger guy, he's got a family, he has a business in town, said Manhart.

"We need to increase business in Aberdeen, and he knows business, he knows how to do that, and provide opportunities for good young people," said Gosch.

"I'm so excited to have gotten this position, people are just looking forward to the next chapter of Aberdeen," said Schaunaman.

Schaunaman will begin his position as Mayor on the first of July.