Aberdeen: Police warn residents of scam

ABERDEEN, S.D. - Authorities in Aberdeen are warning residents about a scam involving bogus checks.

On its Facebook page, the Aberdeen Police Department said the Brown County Sheriff's Office has received a report of a scam where a person received a bogus check from an unknown individual. The check comes in a package and includes instructions for the recipient to cash it and buy personal items for themselves.

The package also includes instructions to buy and ship Walmart gift cards back to the offenders.

The Aberdeen Police Department is encouraging residents to follow a simple set of rules to protect themselves against potential scams.

- Know that no one from the Aberdeen Police Department will ever call you to ask for or demand money.
- No one legitimate will ever ask for payment in Green Dot cards, gift cards, or iTunes credits.
- No matter how convincing the person behind the foreign accent is, you did not win a sweepstakes that you did not enter.
- There are no Nigerian princes that actually need your help to deposit millions of dollars on their behalves.
- Unless your grandchild actually took a trip to Jamaica, it's not likely that they're in custody there waiting for you to wire bail money.