Aberdeen city plow workers ready for every amount of snow

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ABERDEEN, S.D. (KSFY) - The first snowfall of the season means hard work for city employees.

"We're pretty well prepared, we have all of our equipment ready if it looks like it's going to get a little bit of snow, we're prepared if we get a little more," said Jeromy Thorstenson, Assistant Public Works Director.

There is at least one plow driver on the Aberdeen streets around the clock when the snow starts falling.

"We have a guy that's out monitoring them all the time," Thorstenson said.

Robin Hornseth has been a plow operator for nearly two decades. He loves what comes with the season.

"It's the challenge of getting the snow off the road," said Robin Hornseth, City Plow Operator.

But he understands what is most important for his job, and for all of the drivers in Aberdeen.

"Getting it done in a safe and timely manner," Hornseth said.

Thorstenson says his crew works well together. They have years of experience working together, and they know this is just the beginning of another Winter for them.

We got a good staff, most of them have been here a long time so it's pretty routine for us," Thorstenson said.

The heavy snow and wind is also causing problems for power lines. Northern .Electric has crews working to restore power to more than one thousand customers tonight.