Aberdeen sports complex to help club sports

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Recreational and club sports are a huge part of a child's development.

In Aberdeen, there were no facilities for club sports to host practices, matches, or state tournaments. But one entrepreneur is working to change that.

"In this part of the state especially volleyball is huge, and there isn't enough opportunities to play volleyball," said Alexz Smith, Owner of Matchbox Sports.

Club sports like volleyball and indoor soccer are growing in popularity across the state.

"This is a sport that they love to play right now, so for us to increase the level of volleyball in South Dakota is fantastic for all athletes in South Dakota," Smith said.

Alexz Smith has found her passion. She believes a full service facility could bring more visitors to northeast South Dakota.

"When we can host more local tournaments, that is keeping more of our dollars locally, rather than sending this kids all over the place," Smith said.

The Aberdeen Development Corporation helped with this project. The CEO believes in Alexz Smith's vision. He thinks this could be a huge step forward for recreational sports in northeast South Dakota.

"You're going to see a lot of young ladies coming here to Aberdeen from the region, this isn't just about Aberdeen, this is about a regional opportunity to get a lot of volleyball players here and give them a great experience," Mike Bockorny, CEO of the Aberdeen Development Corporation.

The leaders with the Chamber of Commerce are happy to see entrepreneurs in Aberdeen find new ways to grow the economy.

"It's exciting to see a young entrepreneur have their dream realized in a facility like this," Gail Ochs, President of the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce.

For Alexz Smith this is more than just having a building to call her own, its about changing the future for the kids she coaches, and the sport she loves.

"With this building what we'd like to offer is more camps, and lessons and other training opportunities in the summer and other parts of the year," said Smith.

Smith is currently offering a camp at the new facility she calls "volley-tots" for kids the age of three years old.