Affordable Housing Forum

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SIOUX FALLS, SD Affordable living is becoming more difficult worldwide, and here in Sioux Falls.
Future Forms organizers heard from residents looking to improve the situation, and what it could look like if they do not.

Millions of Americans struggle to find a home, and that problem is growing in the Sioux Falls community.

Clint brown is a New Mexico native that moved to Sioux Falls about ten years ago. Housing solutions were slim when he arrived, and appear to still be that way almost a decade later.

"The math that is proposed about how much someone needs to make in order to afford to get into affordable housing ironically is outside of what people experience," he said.

Last week's Housing Summit in Sioux Falls indicated a single person has to make over $48,000 a year in order to qualify for some of the affordable housing programs.

"That's a large gap because the median income for a single person is $28,000."

Just because people are looking for cheaper, more affordable options, does not mean they want to sacrifice infrastructure, or safety.

Investors are trying to add value to properties that are mismanaged and can be improved to provide more options for future residents.

"What you're doing is you're making the community better, and you're making it safer for them too," Kirby Eide of South Dakota Real Estate Investing Association said.

There are almost 177,000 people in Sioux Falls, and that number has continued growing for the past few decades.