Arc of Dreams: A sweet dream becomes reality

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Progress is moving forward on the Arc of Dreams for downtown Sioux Falls.
The sculpture is in its design stage now but will eventually rise above the Big Sioux River between 6th and 8th streets.
It honors those who have taken their dream and made it a reality.
We spent some time today with one Sioux Falls woman whose dream has introduced the city to some very tasty treats.

Dreams can be tough things to achieve.
They can be scary. They can be more work that you thought.
But if you can make that dream a reality.....the satisfaction can be sweet.

"Sioux Falls is a fantastic community to begin a business." 7 years ago, Melissa Johnson had a idea pop into her head.
She wanted to open a gourmet cupcake business.
She had done her research. In other communities this type of gourmet shop had gone over well.
But no one had tried it in Sioux Falls. Or South Dakota for that matter. "And I just thought at some point somebody has to do this. If I don't do it somebody else will."

So with a name her son thought up, Melissa opened up "Oh My Cupcakes!".
First at a location near downtown Sioux Falls before moving to this space three-and-a-half years ago near 57th and Western.

"We have such a great family here and just such a wonderful camaraderie among all of our cupcake ninjas." That's right. The 28 people who regularly work here aren't cooks or bakers or culinary technicians. They are 'Cupcake Ninjas'.
And it seems like they are always smiling and laughing and generally happy.
Melissa Johnson tells me that's the secret of the dream she has turned real. "I always say what 'Oh My Cupcakes' is about really doesn't have anything to do with cupcakes. Our mission statement is to shine God's love and make people smile with cupcakes."

The success of the cupcake business has allowed Johnson to open 'Oh My Word' on Phillips Avenue; a store centered around custom stationary, journals and other tools of the writing business. It's Johnson's other love.
But she tells us in the case of both's a true partnership between she and her employees....and the loyal customer base they are building. "Sioux Falls as a community we are so loyal to local business. We would much rather shop at a business that is owned by someone that we can run into on the street or we can ask a question to." And there's no question that the words 'sweet dreams' mean more than one 'Oh My Cupcakes!' in Sioux Falls.

KSFY is proud to be the official media partner of the Arc of Dreams project.