'Arc of Dreams' assembly is underway

SIOUX FALL, S.D. (KSFY) - Assembly of the Arc of Dreams has begun and crews have started piecing together the 60-ton sculpture.

The Arc of Dreams has been a project six years in the making, now finally closing in on its completion.

Dale Lamphere, a sculptor of 50 years, has been a key contributor in the design of the arc.

"I've been part of projects all over the nation and its really a thrill to me to have an opportunity here in Sioux Falls to create something on this scale, kinda that capstone of my career," Lamphere said.

The Arc of Dreams symbolizes the leap of faith dreamers have to make to fulfill their dreams. Lamphere said all of the structural welding will be done Monday, and final touches made by the middle of next week.

Full construction of the project is expected to be done within a few weeks, barring any setbacks from the weather.