Are escape rooms safe? Conquer Escape Rooms has a plan in place

HARRISBURG, S.D. (KSFY) - Escape rooms are growing in popularity across the country, but are they really safe?

Five teenage girls died in Poland last week when a fire broke out at an escape room.

In an escape room a group of people are locked inside and try to find a way out by searching for clues as part of a game.

After the tragic event that happened in Poland many people in the Sioux Falls area wanted to know if escape rooms are safe. I contacted Conquer Escape Rooms in Harrisburg to see what they do to keep people safe.

"It takes teams, families, and corporate groups puts them in a real life live action scenario where they have to communicate with the ultimate goal of escaping the rooms so it's just a high pace, high action super fun environment to be in," Conquer Escape Rooms owner, Jonathon Rolph said.

Escape rooms have become so popular it's even inspired a movie, 'Escape Room' but last week five teenage girls celebrating a birthday died when a fire trapped them inside.

"It was a horrible tragedy that happened in Poland just unfortunately an escape room that didn't have proper safety protocols in place to protect their patrons during their experience," Rolph said.

It's something conquer escape rooms takes seriously. Safety comes first and they have a lot of measures in place.

"Starting with our basically at our debriefing videos. Our debriefing videos will talk with the patrons about what to expect during the experience and also we tell them a little bit about safety buttons they can push to get them out of the room that are the kill switches," Rolph said.

Each room also has cameras that allow employees to monitor what’s happening and if anything goes wrong the game master will notify everyone over a PA system.

Rolph said those simple features will make a world of difference in case of an emergency.

But even with the recent events in Poland parents tell me they're not too worried about something happening.

"I wasn't worried about it when I heard about it. I kind of second thought it, but then he mentioned that they had plans in place and would explain it to us so then I wasn't worried anymore," Escape Room participant, Jill Casey said.

"I’ve done them in the past and there's always people that are in contact with us in the room so I don't feel like we're completely secluded,” Casey said.

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation at an escape room Rolph tells KSFY you just need to be prepared to listen to instructions for a plan to get everyone out safe.

Rolph said if there is an emergency you should do whatever you can to protect yourself and your family.