Ask Avera: How high is too high for fever?

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(KSFY) - A high fever in little ones can be scary but how high is too high? It’s a question many viewers are asking.

Pediatrician Dr. Kara Bruning says there are a lot of factors when it comes to high fever and when there should be cause for concern.

“So the first part is the age. If your baby is under two months old and has a fever over 100, don't panic but call your doctor right away. That's a big deal for a little one,” said Dr. Bruning.

Dr. Bruning says if your baby is over two months old and has a fever of over 100, don’t panic. You can give them Tylenol or Motrin if they’re old enough to bring that fever down.

“A number is not something we need to panic about. A fever of 103 or 104 and the kids look like they don't feel very good, but they're still trying to play with you, they're still drinking - you can bring it down with some Tylenol or Motrin. That's okay. If their fever is 104 and they're just completely out of it, please call us and let us know. So it's more about how the child is acting than the actual number,” said Dr. Bruning.

Dr. Bruning says you should be concerned when your little one is not active or lethargic.

“Just try and keep them comfortable. Some people try and throw their kids in an ice bath. You don't have to put your kid in an ice bath. Give them some Tylenol or Motrin, and the biggest thing is to keep them hydrated. Drink lots of fluids. When your temperature rises, your water goes out quicker. So make sure you get fluids into your child,” said Dr. Bruning.

Dr. Bruning says don’t panic if your child has a fever.

“If your fever is 105, give me a call. But if you're hanging out at 103 and your kid is trying to interact with you and Is drinking, you don't have to panic -- just give us a call the next business day or whenever is a reasonable time,” said Dr. Bruning.

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