Ask Avera: Open Enrollment deadline December 15

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(KSFY) - The 2018 Open Enrollment deadline is quickly approaching. December 15 is the last day to open enroll for health care coverage.

Deb Muller is one of our Ask Avera experts. She’s the CEO of Avera Health Plans. She says with the December 15 deadline coming up, anyone that has an individual policy needs be looking at and selecting their option.

“December the 16 will be too late. You absolutely have to do it by the 15,” said Muller.

Muller says since there are changes happening in the market this year, people should log onto and update their information.

“We're seeing changes to premiums and we're also seeing some changes from the federal government. If you've been a passive re-enrollee for the last several years — since you haven't gone out and looked at your information on the exchange, they will withdraw your tax credits if you don't go out and look at your situation. So what we're really asking people to do right now -- and I can't reinforce it enough -- if you're receiving a tax credit to go out to, update your information and please, please look at your plan options so that you don't have a surprise in January with your billing. January will be too late. You have to make your decisions by December the 15,” said Muller.

With the uncertainty in congress, Muller says this is causing confusion about the future of health care coverage.

“I know we've seen a number of folks just asking questions — again this year -- going what happens? But most people right now are being very cautious and wanting to make sure that they have coverage in place for 2018 because they don't know because of the uncertainty. Again make your decisions by December the 15. Be pro-active this year, please,” said Muller.

Again, the deadline for open enrollment is December 15.

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