Ask Avera: What can you use AveraNow for?

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With the cold and flu season upon us, viewers want to know what they can use AveraNow for.

Dr Jason Knutson is one of our Ask Avera experts. He’s a family medicine physician. He says if you’re having cold and flu symptoms, AveraNow is the perfect application to use.

“AveraNow is something that you can do from the comfort of your home. You can call in on your cell phone, you can use your tablet, you can use a laptop; it all works very well. It’s easy to get on. We have providers 24/7. Cold and flu, those are some perfect things to use AveraNow for. You can get education on what to do, you can also talk to somebody about influenza. We can have you answer some questions to see if you meet criteria for having a high likelihood of having influenza. And at that time, if you do, you could possibly have a prescription for Tamiflu called in,” said Dr. Knuston.

When you download the AveraNow app on iTunes or Google Play, you’ll have immediate access to care in the palm of your hand. AveraNow virtual doctor visits are a faster, easier way to get treated for common illnesses. Each visit includes a consultation, diagnosis and prescriptions when appropriate. It’s easy, private and secure.

“So if you’re at home and we think that you have influenza and you want Tamiflu, or we think you need Tamiflu, we can call in your pharmacy, you can go pick it up and you’re good to go. So it’s a great service for people, especially for cold and flu. There are 13 total ailments that you can use Avera now for as well but cold and flu, perfect,” said Dr. Knuston

The fee for an AveraNow visit is $49. AveraNow is available to everyone (ages 2 and up) – you don’t even have to be an Avera patient to talk with a provider. It’s also available throughout all 50 states within the U.S. All you need is an internet connection and a free AveraNow account.

If you live near Sioux Falls, you can also visit an AveraNow kiosk clinic located inside Hy-Vee locations.

You can also use AveraNow for such symptoms as acid reflux, cold sores, diarrhea, fever, headache, pink eye, rashes, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, sore throat, urinary tract infections and vomiting.

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