Attorneys try to transfer Alexander Lingor's case to juvenile court

Alexander Lingor

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A motions hearing is scheduled to continue at the Minnehaha County Courthouse for Thursday and Friday for 17-year-old Alexander "Alex" Lingor. Lingor is the 17 year old accused of killing a 15-year-old boy as a result of a car crash on Western Avenue back in February. The hearing started Wednesday morning. There are a variety of motions the judge will look at and decide on.

One of the biggest ones is requested by Lingor's attorneys to move the proceedings to juvenile court. Right now, Lingor is scheduled to be tried as an adult. Another motion asks the judge to separate Lingor's case from the other defendants named in it. The judge has listened and will continue to listen to testimony from various witnesses in the case, like a detective and the coroner. He will then make his decision on the motions after that.

The plaintiff and defendant have asked the judge that testimonies from the victim's parents and the defendant's parents not be broadcast by the media. The judge has enforced that rule in this motions hearing.

The deadly car crash happened at Western Avenue and 22nd Street in February. Various officials with the Sioux Falls Police Department said the crash was a result of a chase that started because the victim and occupants in his car didn't pay Lingor for a small amount of marijuana.

Anthony Moran, who was also in the car with Lingor the time of the crash, was sentenced in late September for one year in prison. He plead guilty to misprision of felony, which means covering up or not telling someone about the accident. He was originally charged with three other counts but the prosecutor dismissed them.