Autism Awareness throughout the year

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Today was a very special day for two South Dakota High School Soccer programs looking to include kids living with Autism.

"To bring awareness to Autism, and inclusion with kids that we know that are within our district that are diagnosed with autism," said Steve Cogley, Head Boys Soccer Coach for Aberdeen Central High School.

Coach Cogley's son lives with Autism. His son, as well as other kids were able to play soccer with the high school's varsity team.

"To maybe recognize and understand why they may act a certain way is important for me to bring that education to our players," said Coach Cogley.

According to the CDC, 1 in 59 kids are diagnosed with Autism. Participating in sports such as soccer helps promote acceptance and builds on life skills.

"Well it's just exciting to participate in everyday activities with your child with a disability," said Krista Bau, Parent.

A better understanding of the disorder and bringing awareness to the cause all year round is what kicked off this idea.

"I intend to do this as many years as I'm coaching," said Coach Cogley.