Avera Health Plans Medicare Supplement Insurance coverage

Choosing the right Medicare Supplement Plan is really important to maintaining a healthy life over 65, according to Avera Health Plans.

Lezlee Koch is enrolled in the Avera Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

"My family will tell you, I don't make snap decisions especially when things might affect me financially," Medicare Supplement Member Lezlee Koch said.

That's why choosing the right supplement plan was no different.

"As I was preparing for retirement, I looked at four Medicare supplement plans. In the end, when I took a look at everything, the Avera Medicare Supplement plan was the leader based on it was affordable, the services provided, the benefits, and wide range of coverage which would include when I travel," Koch said. "Bottom line, the fast, personalized response I got from my agent was awesome."

"Medicare Supplement Plan is designed to provide coverage where original Medicare Parts A and B leave off," Avera Health Plans Sales and Account Management VP Jordan Anderson said.

Jordan Anderson is the Avera Health Plans Vice President of Sales and Account Management.

"Avera Health Plans offers a variety of health plans that provide coverage while traveling. I would recommend, if that's you. If you're a snowbird and like to travel in the winter, that you seek an agent and talk about your needs for coverage and they can help you select that coverage that works best for you in those circumstances," Anderson said.

If you're on the fence about getting this coverage, now is the time.

"Right now, we're in the heart of open enrollment. It's good to know our open enrollment period runs now through January 15th. If you are exploring a medicare supplement plan and need help and support, we've got great resources," Anderson said.

"I'm really happy I chose the Avera Medicare Supplement plan," Koch said.

In fact, last summer, it's a good thing Koch was already enrolled.

"I was camping and ended up with a fracture of my leg which required surgery and many post-discharge services," Koch said.

She was amazed with the Avera plan and its coverage process.

"My claims were paid efficiently, my out of pocket was next to nothing, my agent was there when I had questions he responded quickly. Bottom line: They have wonderful online tools for me to asses when my claims were paid and to know exactly what was being paid," Koch said.

Koch said it would've cost her $6,000 had she not been enrolled in a Medicare supplement plan.

"To me, when you have limited income coming in, that's awesome," she said.

You can check out the Avera Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, pricing and speak to an agent at AveraHealthPlans.com