Avera Medical Minute AMcK: A family’s experience delivering twins with on-site laborist

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When you bring a new life into the world, you want the best experience possible. At Avera, on-site laborists are available 24/7 for expectant mothers.

“That’s the best thing about my job. I get to work with women that are about to be new moms or have their second or third baby,” said OB/GYN Dr. Catherine Brockmeier.

Dr. Brockmeier’s 24-hour shift as an in-house laborist starts at 7 a.m.

“You could start your morning thinking things are going to be pretty slow. You might have a couple labors and by mid-afternoon, you’re slammed. And we have another partner who’s on backup so if we are maxed out or in the OR and another patients needs to deliver, we have someone else who can be here as well,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

Dr. Brockmeier is constantly on the move.

“When I’m here, I will take care of my own patients as well as all of my partners’ patients,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

We were lucky enough to catch up with her between patients but soon after, she was on the move again tending to patients.

“This is Jamin and this is Jordyn,” said Pam Harvey.

Four months ago, Pam and Ben Harvey’s family of four became a family of six when their twins were born. Jamin and Jordyn were delivered by Dr. Brockmeier when she was the in-house laborist.

“We had talked to my doctor. She had originally scheduled us for an induction and we ended up waiting until I was 40 weeks. And so we went in on our own at 40 weeks, and so we kind of knew it wasn’t going to be our doctor, but she was wonderful, and sweet, and accommodating and she talked us through everything. She was fantastic,” said Pam.

“I like to tell my own patients because they’re going to have a same experience. There’s going to be a new provider for them, one of my partners. And I say we all practice very similarly and you have to trust that your partners are going to take good care of your patients because you are turning them over to them. I try to tell the patients that I’m meeting that aren’t my own too, I know so and so, I know your Dr., I know how she would take care of you. I’m going to do the same,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

Dr. Brockmeier says the laborist’s 24-hour shift not only is for patient experience, but also for patient safety.

“So if I’m caring for that patient for that last 12 hours, I know everything that’s happened in their labor course. And so instead of handing them off to another provider to start fresh, I get to, most often, wrap things up which is really, really good for patient safety and care,” said Dr. Brockmeier.

“They’re all fantastic doctors. And if you’ve got things that you feel are important or that you want your doctor to know ahead of time, make sure you discuss it with your regular doctors because it seemed like they did a really good job of relaying the things that were important to us,” said Pam.

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