Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Ideal Living Program helps couple lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle

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When it comes to weigh loss, what works for one person may not work for another. The Ideal Living Program at Avera isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Hons and Melody, they’re very special because they really walked this path together,” said Becky Hanzen, Avera Health Educator.

Hons Oakland and Melody Roberts decided to make a lifestyle change a little more than two years ago. They didn’t want to go on just another diet, so they met with Hanzen and started their weight loss journey on the Ideal Living Program.

“That is a protein-based diet, low-carbohydrate and low-fat where we are doing high, biologically made protein packets, three a day, as well as two cups of your own vegetables and eight ounces of your own meat. And then also adding in supplements to complement your diet,” said Hanzen.

Accountability and food journaling is a big part of the Ideal Living Program.

“Becky really talks about the nutritional value, the food you use and the coaching program. You go in weekly, and you’re always connecting and they help you journal, understand how your body works and the food that you’re intaking -- and really kind of that it’s not necessarily a program you’re going to continue on but you’re going to just learn those lifestyle changes afterwards and that was huge,” said Oakland.

“I could go in with anything saying ‘oh, I’m feeling fatigued’ or I have this issue or that issue and she’d say ‘okay, let’s look at your diet concerns.’ I can’t have gluten, so we had to modify a lot of things for me and I really appreciated that she just listened to me, always said ‘okay let’s look at that,’” said Roberts.

“I think the biggest thing with Hons and Melody, they are one couple of many that can prove that the lifestyle change of ideal protein is something that can be done. So they are two years out and they have been really successful in maintaining their weight,” said Hanzen.

Through the Ideal Living Program, Oakland and Roberts were given the tools to successfully lose weight and keep it off, even after they completed the program.

“It was 53 pounds and 53 inches,” said Oakland.

“47 pounds and 34 inches,” said Roberts.

“A lot of it is the education piece and understanding what I’m eating day to day, week to week,” said Oakland.

“I really try hard to make sure that people, once they commit, they stay on track. That is the biggest gift they can give to themselves and Hons and Melody really embrace that and just kept going strong on it,” said Hanzen.

Roberts and Oakland credit one another for keeping each other on track. Both say they feel better and have more energy today than they did before.

“Just make a decision to do it and go all in. Stay disciplined and, especially for the weight loss part of it, if you’re disciplined and you do just as the coaches recommend and the program requires, it works,” said Oakland.

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