Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Setting realistic New Year's Resolutions

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Hitting the gym three times a week, losing weight and eating better – all common New Year’s resolutions. But sticking with them can be hard.

“Alright Joy, come on over. Let’s get you weighed in,” said Becky Hanzen, Health Educator at Avera.

Joy Gortmaker has lost just over 44 pounds.

“And I feel better than I have for years,” said Gortmaker.

Gortmaker’s weight loss hasn’t come without hard work and determination.

“Great! You’re down again this week!” said Hanzen.

She credits Hanzen for giving her the tools she needs to succeed on her weight loss journey.

“There’s accountability when you come in once a week and Becky always has really good ideas on what I should maybe adjust or how I should change things,” said Gortmaker.

“Being human is really hard and we’re not supposed to do this alone. I always recommend people do journal. We can’t get away from journaling. It seems to be the number one thing that helps people. If it’s going to go in your mouth, it goes on the paper,” said Hanzen.

And don’t be discouraged if you do slip up.

“Sugar is an addiction. It’s physical and mental. And when the beast gets too loud and we fall off our wagon, we need to just get right back on and consider this a learning process. What was that trigger? Why did I fall? How can I prevent that in the future?” said Hanzen.

Gortmaker adjusting her diet and following Avera’s Ideal Living Program has given her new-found energy. She says to succeed, you have to do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

“You wake up with you every day of your life. Nobody else does. And you have to be happy and you have to feel good and if you don’t do it for yourself, it won’t last,” said Gortmaker.

Hanzen says if you want to lose, say 50 pounds, focus on losing three to five pounds at a time instead of the entire 50.

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