Avera Medical Minute AQoP: Hospitalist benefits both patients and clinical physicians

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Avera Queen of Peace launched a hospitalist program August 1. This means that every regional Avera hospital now has this program.

“A hospitalist is a medical specialist who practices just in the hospital setting,” said Dr. Peter Reynen, a family practice physician.

Avera Queen of Peace hired Dr. Reynen as its first permanent hospitalist in September.

“The idea is to coordinate the care for the patient who’s in the hospital and then work and facilitate communication with the clinical physicians in the community and the sub specialists in a hospital group for the care of that patient. Previous to this, if there was a community hospital in another community around Mitchell and they had a patient who needed a higher level of care, it can be kind of hard to coordinate that care and they end up sending them further away than they need to -- which is harder on the families having to travel, say to Sioux Falls for care,” said Dr. Reynen.

Not only do hospitalists benefit patients, but it also benefits clinical physicians.

“It benefits the physicians because now I can dedicate my day to the clinic and then as far as call, call is a big thing for anybody. But as far as call goes, it gives us a little bit of rest from being on call as often as we have been. We’ve improved the ability to care for patients at the hospital with more rapid and on-site type of physicians versus trying to do a lot of that by phone,” said Dr. Trevor Meaney, family medicine physician.

“The real key to hospital care is teamwork, and having the hospitalist in the hospital is just having that team full and available to take care of those people. And that’s the real advantage of a hospitalist is you’re just here for whatever comes up, when it comes up,” said Dr. Reynen.

Dr. George Imuro will join the Hospitalist team at Avera Queen of Peace January 1, 2018. This will complete the team.

For more information, just call 877-AT-AVERA.