Avera Medical Minute ASL: Avera Simulation Center at Presentation College attracting nursing students to Aberdeen

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With an aging nursing population, the need for nurses is critical. Presentation College and Avera Health recognized that need and built a state of the start simulation center.

The new center is already attracting new nursing students to Aberdeen.

Step inside the Avera Simulation Center and you’re transported into what feels like an actual hospital.

“I think for these students, it offers them the ability to get real life situations without real life consequences,” said Cory Geffre, VP/Chief Nursing Officer at Avera St. Luke’s.

The sim center offers the most up-to-date technology available for health care training and education, setting Presentation College apart from all other nursing schools in the region.

Geffre says the sim center will help with workforce issues long-term.

“Workforce issues in health care exist nationwide. We feel them more in our rural area because we don’t have that allure of Chicago, a Dallas or a Kansas City. We have to work really hard to get people to move to rural America,” said Geffre.

The simulation center features five rooms with hospital beds, specialized medical equipment and interactive mannequins.

“All of them are shockable so we’re able to do live defibrillation. Hal is our trauma mannequin and he has two different amputations that we can put on. So if we were to have a farming accident, we could come in and practice how do you take care of an arterial bleed when you have an amputation,” said Lindsey Helm, BSN Program Director at Presentation College.

Both nursing students and Avera staff utilize the sim center.

“It allows us to really test the new theories and stay up-to-date with all the materials that are coming out. Health care’s changing every minute it feels like and the sim center will help us all be more prepared for those changes,” said Geffre.

The Avera Simulation Center was made possible with a $1 million gift from Avera Health and a $500,000 gift from an anonymous donor.

For more information, just call 877-AT-AVERA.