Avera Medical Minute ASL: Mother suffering from extreme vertigo back on her feet thanks to physical therapy

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Renee Meland makes these exercises look easy. But not long ago, extreme vertigo made her immobile.

“So I went from being able to move with the help of my children or my husband, because I was so dizzy it was hard and I would get nauseous and feel sick, to being unable to move my legs. I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other without help,” said Meland.

Meland felt helpless. That’s when she turned to physical therapist Michelle McCormick at Avera Therapy Watertown. She specializes in treating patients with vertigo.

“She physically lacked the strength to walk to get herself out of the chair, which is one step more than what I would normally see for just a vertigo patient,” said McCormick.

It was through physical therapy with McCormick that Meland went from using a walker, to a cane, to where she is today – completely walking on her own.

“One of the exercises specifically worked on how the vision works with the brain and the inner ear to maintain your balance. And so she had to look at a checker board pattern and jump up and down on a trampoline at the same time. And that was probably one of her least favorite exercises, but it was one of the greatest exercises as far as being able to rehabilitate her vision and her balance,” said McCormick.

“My recovery I credit to her because if it wasn’t for her, I would probably still be using my walker,” said Meland.

“She attributed it a lot to coming here but I would attribute it right back to her because of all of her hard work and dedication and she just never gave up. She never gave up,” said McCormick.

If you are suffering from vertigo, contact your doctor immediately.

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