Avera Medical Minute: Breast cancer conference

An event to connect breast cancer survivors is just days away. The Avera Breast Cancer conference is June 14th. In tonight's Avera Medical Minute, Beth Warden introduces you to a cancer survivor, and how she encourages others by sharing her story.

Supporters of Jill Schlumbohm, breast cancer survivor

Jill Schlumbohm knows that cancer can be a difficult road. The shock of receiving the diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer was back in March of 2016. Through the treatments, hair loss and regrowth, she knows life is different and she appreciates life in a new way.
"I think its just the little things that you appreciate more. The birthdays, mothers day, things like that."

Part of Jill's healing process was connecting with other survivors.

"You probably are a little different person and embrace those changes and move forward with that new person you've become and I think that's a lot easier when you have a commonality with other people," said Schlumbohm.

The Avera Breast Cancer Conference is designed for survivors just like Jill, because Avera understands how empowering it is to facilitate connections. Social worker Brenda Ling sees breast cancer patients from diagnosis and beyond at the Avera Cancer Institute.

"...that connection with others that have gone through their same experience and know that they are not alone and to share in that process and experience with other people is one of the most beneficial things that I've seen happen,' said Ling. "They're going to learn new tools and tips and things they can do to cope through the daily battles and struggles that they have."

Keynote speaker Heidi Marble at the Avera Breast Cancer Conference will talk on the topic of "Butterfly life" and the importance of embracing change, a concept Ling encourages when she talks to survivors.

"Anything someone can do to create their best life and step forward into their future with peace is just so beneficial," said Ling.

If you'd like to attend, the cost is free, with a suggested donation.

"hugs laughter tears, you see it all," Ling added.

I would encourage you to step outside of that safety zone that you're in, and just embrace who you are now as a cancer survivor," said Schlumbohm.

If you'd like to register to attend the Avera Breast Cancer Conference, go to www.avera.org