Avera Medical Minute: Cardiac Outreach in Le Mars Iowa

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LE MARS, IA (KSFY) - You don't expect a doctor to make house calls, but when a cardiologist comes to your hometown clinic, saving you the drive, it's the next best thing.

Cardiac Outreach Le Mars Iowa

In the quaint community of Le Mars Iowa, friends, families, and neighbors intersect every day. When work and life are centered here, Stacey Baum says seeing his cardiologist near home is an added blessing.

His care started at North Central Heart Institute in Sioux Falls.

"I had an aortic aneurysm and a bicuspid valve instead of a tricuspid valve that was leaking," Baum said.

Surgery was performed in Sioux Falls, but a leaky heart valve is monitored closer to home, during his lunch break.

"That's why I have to see the heart doctor every year, but it hasn't increased or anything so they continue watching it to make sure it doesn't leak anymore," Baum said.

Testing Stacey's heart brings reassurance everything is still ok.

"Once in a while, I have to do a treadmill test. Most of the time I do an ecco," Baum said.

It's all under the watchful care of Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Waterbury. He drove from North Central Heart Institute in Sioux Falls to Le Mars.

"They're a great family and it's really a pleasure taking care of them," Dr. Waterbury said.

Doctor Waterbury is one of many cardiologists who travel to see his patients.

"We do outreach at multiple sites throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. It really depends on the outreach clinic site and the specific providers," Dr. Waterbury said.

Many tests are available on outreach, including stress tests with a treadmill, nuclear studies, echocardiograms, pacemaker checks, vascular studies and reviewing a patient's heart rhythm.

If more care is needed, patients like Stacey already have that relationship with a Cardiologist back in Sioux Falls.

"I grew up in a small community, so my family and I benefited from specialty providers on outreach, and I really enjoy the opportunity to do the same for patients and their families," said Dr. Waterbury.

It's more than Dr. Waterbury traveling to a local clinic, it's the understanding that Stacey's time is valuable too.