Avera Medical Minute: Warwick Workouts Basketball Camp by Avera Sports

Summer break from school can be a time to relax, and it can also be a time for kids to develop their basketball skills at a Warwick Workout Camp, a part of Avera Sports.

Warwick Workouts by Avera Sports

Warwick Workout camps and clinics are taking place in gyms all across the region this summer.

Andrew Baker is the Sports Specialist Lead with the program. "Out and about at our outreach camps, we have different sessions, third through fifth or a high school session depending on what those school coaches need."

With the extra time kids have over the summer, they can focus on growth more than just a few hours at practice. "Usually our camps are about three days long. It's intense but they get a lot out of it," said Baker.

It's a time for kids to improve their game in the off-season, and remain active year round. "When basketball season is over in February and March, that's when the real work begins," said Baker.

If you ask Connor Libis, he says it's not just work, he loves basketball.
"I would rather do that than chores or anything else," added Libis.

Libis knows that with the fun, he's developing his game, which will pay off next season."Warwick workouts, they always push you. They always push you to that next level. They always get you going, doing something you haven't done before."

These Avera sports camps and clinics are designed for kids from Kindergarten to grade 12, and they're adding more camps according to Baker. "Our summer D league had about a hand full of girls two years ago, to 200 kids last year, to over 400 kids this summer."

With the coaches bringing back tips and techniques from the pro's, students can learn how to improve their next game at school, to following their dreams.

"I would love to, I bet that's every kid's dream to play professionally but I just want to work as hard as I can and see where I can get," said Libis.

Baker says seeing the progress each player makes is fulfilling. "To see kids that come in and they're at this level and they have a five-gallon bucket and its filled that much and when they leave that bucket is full. That's what we want, and it's a process."

Warwick Workouts are scheduled for the rest of the summer throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wyoming.