BIO Girls started in Aberdeen to help young girls

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Twelve weeks of building self worth can change a young girls life.

"72 percent of girls feel like they need to be beautiful," said Sheena Buckhouse, Site Director for BIO Girls Aberdeen.

BIO Girls is a non-profit organization all about young girls feeling free to see each other's inner beauty.

"BIO Girls stands for beautiful inside and out, and our goal with this program is to help girls feel empowered," Buckhouse said.

Sheena Buckhouse is the director. She says the girls learn different life skills and mentoring, and they get involved in physical activities too.

"I think it's really important for girls at a young age to have that foundation of being able to build their self confidence," said Lisa McDowell, Parent and Mentor with BIO Girls.

When Lisa McDowell heard that Bio Girls was starting in Aberdeen, and she immediately reached out for more information.

Even though this is new to Aberdeen, she has already seen the impact.

"By meeting with Sheena and meeting her daughter, and having our two daughters interact with each other and already building a friendship so quickly, it's so awesome to see that right away," said McDowell.

Both women hope to see the program grow throughout the entire state of South Dakota.

"That would be my goal, is that after this season enough people are talking about the program that they want to bring it to their communities and it would grow through South Dakota," Buckhouse said.

The girls will participate in community events over the 12 week program, and in May they will be participating in a 5k run.