Basketball fans expected to arrive early for State B tournament

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Thousands of fans are arriving in Aberdeen for the State B Boys Basketball Tournament.

"The community of Aberdeen, we're proud to host the State B Boys Basketball Tournament every single year," said Justin Fraase, Communications Director at NSU.

Northern State University is hosting the games at the Barnett Center, but the entire community is working to make this a success.

"We provide welcome packets to the athletes as they arrive into Aberdeen, and just try to make them feel as accommodated as possible," said Casey Weismantel of the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau.

My Place Hotel is a staple of the community, the staff is eager for visitors to arrive a day earlier because of the winter storm.

"We're excited to have them and we hope that we can accommodate as many of them as possible ," said Jen Ohare, General Manager of MyPlace Hotel in Aberdeen.

Jen Ohare and her staff prepare for this event all year long.

"We work really hard to make sure that anybody that's booked the year before has their reservations already in the system and ready to go," said Ohare.

But, because the weather is expected to be worse than previous years, the South Dakota Highway Patrol wants to make sure people stay up-to-date on conditions.

"We really want to press the importance that if you do plan statewide travel or any travel, kid of the middle of this week, we'd like you to travel early," said Captian Jason Husby of the SD Highway Highway Patrol.

As excited as the city is to host the event, it definitely takes an 'all hands on deck' approach to make this a success and everyone is looking forward to one thing.

"We're looking forward to once again getting all the teams here, and looking forward to some great basketball," said Fraase.

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