Beresford family turns light display into holiday tradition

BERESFORD, S.D. - Shane Bryant said he and his family love this time of year and have started a tradition of creating a light show in front of their house for the holiday season. He said when he was young, his grandparents would take him to visit a decorated house in Illinois. The house probably used about 1 million lights and he enjoyed the display. He said his grandpa would always put lights up as well, and he wanted to continue that tradition with his own family. They are now known as the Griswold family in town, referring to the family from the movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Bryant uses a software program on his computer to sync the lights up to the beat of the music. It takes between three and four days to put the display up with his family. He has five kids. They all pitch in to put the lights up. He starts putting things on the roof first, then gets poles into the ground because if the weather gets bad, that can cause issues. Then, he and the family work to put everything else together.

Erin Bryant, his wife, said she likes to look things up on Pinterest to give him new ideas on what to do. The family has always had lights for the holiday season on the house, but this tradition of the light show started five years ago when they first moved to Beresford.

You can see the light show daily when it starts to get dark outside until about 11 PM. Drivers should tune their radio to 100.9 FM. About 12 songs are on rotation in the display along with 25,000 to 30,000 lights on display. The family lives on Sunset Drive behind the John Deere implement in Beresford.