Bernie Sanders' plan to eliminate student debt

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Roughly 45 million Americans across the country have student loans.

"There are some studies that suggest that relieving student loan debt would be a massive influx of wealth into the economy, it would spur all sorts of job growth as those people who's money is now going to pay off debt, can do other things with that money," said NSU Political Science Professor Jon Schaff.

2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed a new idea for people with student debt.

"Senator Sanders is proposing a plan to eliminate all student loan debt," said Dr. Schaff.

In the plan, the debt would be paid for by a new tax on Wall Street.

"About a third of all student loan debt is owned by the top 25% of incomers, so people who are quite wealthy," said Dr. Schaff.

Current NSU student Eva Graf thinks the Government can take a different approach to helping students.

"Lowering the price of basic four year college institutions," Graf said.

Graf understands what Sanders plan is, but she thinks other things may take precedence.

"I think for the near future there are a lot of things that need to be worked on for our society," Graf said.

Dr. Jon Schaff tells me that Candidate Sanders idea may be a little too lucrative for members of Congress to get behind. He expects some changes in the future, but those changes will probably be different than what was presented.

"I find it hard to believe that you're going to get a majority of Congress to go along with something as aggressive as what Senator Sanders is proposing," said Dr. Schaff.

Bernie Sanders' plan is different from Elizabeth Warren's proposal. Her plan requires that people meet income requirements to qualify for relief.