Black Friday sales take over Sioux Falls

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It's one of the biggest days in retail, Black Friday.

More than 165-million people are expected to be shopping this year between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Sales are starting earlier as well as going longer each year, and the online market has changed the entire experience.

Kevin Nyberg has owned and operated Nyberg's Ace Hardware stores in Sioux Falls for decades. He has seen a lot of changes to the retail industry through the years, and that includes Black Friday shopping.

"It's not just one day anymore, retailers are now extending Black Friday specials... and that's a really big adjustment because it used to be that one day big rush," Nyberg said. "Now it's more a week long celebration of sales prices."

Nyberg says advertising strategies have evolved as well.

"The way of reaching the consumer in the last five years has changed and now it's all about social media," Nyberg said.

Nyberg says Black Friday trends in Sioux Falls seem to be going in the same direction as much of the country, but one major difference is the community's support of small businesses.

Jeanette Moore, a Sioux Falls resident, says she does most of her shopping locally to keep the money within the city.

"I enjoy going out shopping with people around me, they are friendly and you can get into all kinds of conversations and meet all kinds of people," Moore said.

While online sales have been on the rise, Nyberg says business in Sioux Falls is still good.

"People still like to get out and physically touch, feel, shop, get out in the environment and the excitement," Nyberg said.

Nyberg says that Black Friday is all about getting people in the doors so that customers can see what a store has to offer.