Brass ensemble visits schools to educate, inspire future musicians

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ABERDEEN, S.D. Living in a small-town South Dakota presents unique challenges when it comes to finding musical motivation for students. One brass ensemble group from Indiana is hoping to change that with their tour through the Mount Rushmore state, including a stop in Aberdeen.

The Forge is a group made up of five males and one female, but they all have a passion for brass and percussion instruments. Having a chance to bring the entertainment and educational value all in one to students is something the group loves to do.

Lexie Signor is the second trumpet player in the ensemble and loves the chance to influence young musicians in rural communities.

"I think the more that will envelope other students and get the ball rolling downhill, like an avalanche, just catching more people as we go along. Hopefully, we inspire future generations to practice music and to be a part of it," says Signor.

As the lone female in a brass ensemble, it's a rarity but Signor hopes to be a positive role model for anyone.

The Forge went to schools around Aberdeen on Tuesday to teach masterclasses and clinics. On Wednesday afternoon, they performed "The Elements of Music" for almost 1,000 students from around the area. The Roncalli band joined them on stage during their public performance Wednesday night.

The group will move on to Sisseton for two performances tomorrow. For more information about the group, follow the link next to the article.