Britton-Hecla Braves football team prepares for championship run

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The Britton-Hecla Braves football team is hoping to get back to the State Championship game this season.

"Everybody's excited about football and they know we have a lot of kids coming back so it makes it a little bit more exciting," said Pat Renner, the Britton-Hecla Head Football Coach.

This isn't Head Coach Pat Renner's first season. He understands the struggles this time of year presents to his players.

"We got to see who's in shape, and who's not in shape and then work on them getting in shape," Renner said.

One thing Coach Renner wants is his returning Seniors to take on leadership roles.

"We have a great group of Freshman that came in, and so hopefully our main goal is to have the Seniors show them what it's all about and get them used to playing at this level of football,"

One of those Seniors is Offensive Lineman Tyson Morris. He wants to finish his high school career on a high note.

"Just want to make it back to the ship, you know, and win. That's always the goal," Morris said.

But he, just like the rest of his teammates understands, the work that's put in now can pay huge dividends later.

Coach Renner wants his players to stay healthy, and take it one game at a time.

"It's important to keep their minds on one game that week," said Coach Renner.

Last year, the Braves fell just short of winning their second consecutive State Championship.