Local woman's 'Day of the Dead' salsa a hit in Brookings

A Brookings woman never really planned out to make salsa for a living, but things are starting to look like that might be reality for Jenilee Schleusner.

She has only been making Day of the Dead salsa for a little more than a year, but since she started, it has been flying off the shelves. She says the idea for the salsa actually came from a tattoo she got on her leg to commemorate her Mexican heritage, now that tattoo is her logo.

You can find the salsa at Bozieds Shell station in Brookings, the Carrot Seed in Brookings, Keller's Grocery in Sioux Falls and as of this week Day of the Dead salsa is now in Hy-Vee in Brookings.

Schleusner says what sets her salsa apart is the quality vegetables she uses in it as well as the salsa's juice base. She makes all her salsa in Brookings in a kitchen at the Bozieds gas station. She prides herself in the freshness of her product.

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