Brother rescues sister from burning mobile home

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An Aberdeen teenager ran into a burning home to save his young sister this morning.

"About roughly 0800, Highway Patrol was out on 281 and saw the trailer on fire," said Battalion Fire Chief Stacy Vrchota.

Some people in the Aberdeen community of Park Village woke up to the smell of smoke.

"When I came out here I saw my step-dad and my mom outside watching the fire," said Michael Wendt, neighbor.

One of the mobile homes in the community was engulfed in flames before crews put it out at about 8:15.

"There were three juveniles home there, the older two got out first," said Vrchota.

Once they got outside, the oldest sibling ran back in.

"The oldest, the brother went back in and got his little sister out," said Vrchota.

Two of the siblings were transported to the hospital to be looked at, but are now out.

"They are back, close to scene with friends," said Vrchota.

Neighbors of the family who lost their home hope for the best going forward.

The Fire Department has a lot of work to do while an investigation takes place.

"We'll continue to watch it, make sure there's no hot spots flared up and we'll stay on scene and assist the Fire Marshall with an investigation," Vrchota said.

The home suffered very heavy damage and is no longer livable.