Brown County Highway Department monitors Tacoma Park Road

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Flooding is nothing new for the Tacoma Park region of Brown County.

Even though County officials have worked to prevent it, the area still sees frequent flooding.

Right now both sides of Tacoma Park Road are filled with water.

"This body of water isn't actually a lake, it's the Putney Slough, and even a year ago, it didn't even hardly have any water in it," said Brown County Highway Department Superintendent Dirk Rogers.

Flooding in the area is nothing new, in fact it dates back years.

"This thing is actually tied to drainage issues that date back a hundred years, literally to 1919 when the county was put in charge of controlling when this water enters into the Jim River," Rogers said.

Rogers and his crew stay busy, making sure the water doesn't become an even bigger problem.

"We're trying to kind of fight off some of this wind and wave action, and hopefully maintain it long enough so that the water will drop down," Rogers said.

Even though there are no homes or businesses in the general area, Tacoma Park Road is used quite often, and all of this water could be a major concern for drivers over the next few months.

"If it's windy and sunny, you're going to come down the hill and all of a sudden you've got a bunch of spray and water to deal with so be aware of that," said Rogers.

The staff at the Brown County Highway Department will continue to monitor the are during the Summer, and block off any roads for safety reasons.

"If it's not safe for people to travel down the road that will obviously be indicated," Rogers said.

Even though Rogers doesn't expect the water to go over the road, nothing is a guarantee so drivers need to proceed with caution.

The flooding in the area will likely be a problem throughout the Summer, and possibly into September.