Building crashes come with hefty price tag

Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) A new accident continues a dangerous series of crashes in Sioux Falls; since January 24th, five vehicles have hit businesses or homes in the city.

The latest crash happened early Thursday morning when a car ran a red light and slammed a mini-van into the US Bank near West 12th street and Western Avenue. Luckily no one was hurt in the crash. The damage is only estimated at about $5,000, but in other recent crashes involving buildings, the price tag was much higher.

“Especially this time of year when you're dealing with the cold, you're going to have to do temporary heat, there's cost to that, you’ll probably have to build tenting for that, you're going to be burning fuel,” Sioux Falls Contractor Dusty Rallis said.

From cold weather complication like frozen pipes, structural safety concerns that require a structural engineer, and the temporary loss of business or housing, it can all add up to a significant price tag.

“One of our clients slid into an apartment complex, our insurance paid to have the building fixed, then the renters had to get a new place while the work was going on, so then we paid for their housing until they could get back into their apartment,” State Farm insurance agent Ryan Reiner said.

Reiner says the state of South Dakota only requires you have $25,000 to cover property damage.

“$25,000 dollars does not go very far,” Reiner.

If you only carry the state minimum car insurance, Reiner says you'd still be responsible for the remaining damage.

“They could garnish wages to pay for that damage, liquidate your assets, that kind of not fun stuff,” Reiner said.

Last week's crash into Billion’s Car Care Center caused an estimated $100,000 in damage.

“It’s really a headache if you don’t have the right insurance,” Reiner said.

It’s also a headache for busy contractors who are already booked with projects throughout Sioux Falls.

“It’s not fun for anyone involved,” Rallis said.

Sioux Falls police say you can help avoid all of those headaches by simply following the rules of the road: don’t speed, limit distractions while driving, follow traffic signs and signals and don’t drink and drive.