Businesses devastated by tornado

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Along 41st Street a tornado peeled back the walls and lifted the roofs of many structures.

The area with the most retail damage is between Western and Kiwanis Avenues. One couple who say they are rugged business owners will open the doors again.

Dan Darkow and Gaylene Stocco just moved their business Dreamer's Outlet to their location five months ago. Darkow discovered the ravaged building just after midnight.

"One o'clock last night I came out and found this gaping hole," Darkow said.

As he sorts through the soggy merchandise, Darkow is keeping it in perspective.

"First thought was we've got great insurance so I'm not too concerned, and everything here is material stuff," Darkow said. "I was just glad nobody was here."

After carefully planning the layout of their store, it's the personal touches that are the hardest to part with.

"You know a lot of things can be replaced," Stocco said. "Family pictures, things that were made for us by our grandkids, those can't."

Police told property owner Jim Dunham that looters showed up just after the storm had passed, and officers did their best to keep thieves away, while also responding to other calls. The possibility of more looting has owners and staff protecting themselves.

"Right now we know they're going to board up the buildings to keep looters away," said Ron Zimmerman, Joann Fabrics employee.

Zimmerman showed up to see if he could help his managers at Joann Fabrics.

"I don't know if we're going to be doing any of the cleanup work, I think they'll probably hire professionals to do that, and then once they get the bad stuff out of there I'm sure we'll be going in and doing some of the stuff ourselves," Zimmerman said.

Crews are doing their best to board up and cover-up to keep looters away, and expected rain out of the building.

Although these businesses are somewhat secured, owners are taking turns watching each other’s property.