Campaign offices begin opening in Sioux Falls

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Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) Sioux Falls is less than two months away from electing a new mayor and South Dakotans are seven months out from voting for a new governor and U.S. House Representative.

As these elections ramp up, some candidates are staking their name with campaign offices in Sioux Falls.

“People running for local office will approach us about an empty space they see in a retail space,” Lloyd Companies commercial real estate agent Scott Blount said.

This campaign season, many candidates are looking to open an office in high traffic areas.

“You want good visibility, you want good parking, you want good access and you don’t want to pay hardly anything; if you can find a place like that, you take it,” Candidate for Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken said.

TenHaken opened his office in a former restaurant space last month.

“There's a whole empty kitchen in the back of this place that we use to build all of our signs and assemble them here in the back,” TenHaken said.

“When the door is open we're here,” Jim Entenman’s campaign volunteer Mike Snowden said.

Across the street, volunteers for Jim Entenman’s campaign staff the office all week.

“Everything from yard signs, to phone calls, to making sure people feel they're connect,” Snowden said.

But like many of these campaign offices, they’re often temporary arrangements.

“Honestly today we could get a knock on the door and she'd say hey we got an offer you have to vacate,” TenHaken said.

“When we make these deals they’re written so we can show the space while they're a tenant in the space,” Blount said.

It’s an arrangement that often helps cut down the cost for candidates.

“That's the key with campaign headquarters, you don't want to spend a lot of your donor's dollars on a brick and motor space,” TenHaken said.

“For us that means using the house, the kitchen table as our home base,” Candidate for Sioux Falls Mayor Jolene Loetscher said.

Other candidates are choosing to work from home and use their campaign contributions in other areas.

“Basing out of the house was important to us because it helped us spend people’s money in the best way because it’s the people’s office and also allows us to connect even more with our family,” Loetscher said.

Mayoral candidates Kenny Anderson Jr. and Greg Jamison told us they are also looking at spaces right now to potentially open a home base office for the final month of the election.

Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley have both opened up their gubernatorial campaign offices on 41st Street in Sioux Falls. Billie Sutton will open a Sioux Falls campaign office once the 2018 legislative session is over.