Candidates for Aberdeen Mayor meet residents prior to Election Day

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The Aberdeen Mayoral Election is less than a month away, and for the first time in years Mayor Mike Levsen faces a challenger, businessman Travis Schaunaman.

"Campaigning really hard, have a lot of positive support, a lot of grass roots efforts in support of my campaign here," said Travis Schaunaman, Candidate for Aberdeen Mayor.

"I've been mayor for 15 years, and there's an old pop song that goes 'if you don't know me by now,' and if the voters of Aberdeen don't know me by now, they'll never know me," said current Mayor Mike Levsen.

The Aberdeen Association of Realtors hosted the candidates at their monthly board meeting Thursday.

"Last year we started having the County Commissioners here, we started having the State Representatives here, and this year we invited the city candidates for council and Mayor," said Cartor Carlson, Aberdeen Association of Realtors.

Mayor Mike Levsen, as well as the challenger Travis Schaunaman are both active in the Aberdeen community.

Today they had the opportunity to tell the audience what they feel is important for the future of the city.

"The lifeblood of Aberdeen is the entrepreneurial-ism and the spirit of business development from the ground up," said Candidate Schaunaman.

"Everything that we do in the City of Aberdeen, paid for by tax payer money is important or we wouldn't be doing it," said Mayor Levsen.

Both candidates are looking forward to Election Day, and the future of Aberdeen.

"There's a lot of people interested in the state of the city currently and what can be done to improve it, and I've got some really exciting ideas that people are really excited about," said Candidate Schaunaman.

"I'm really proud of what all of us in Aberdeen have done these last 15 years, and I'd like to be a part of keeping on doing it," said Mayor Levsen.

Election Day is June 4th.