Canton community comes together to make sandbags after flooding

CANTON, S.D. (KSFY) - With all of this rain fall and flooding many communities came together to make sandbags for those trying to keep water out of their homes.

Students and other members of the Canton community came together Wednesday after all of this flooding to make those sandbags and those dealing with flooded homes were very grateful.

"I’ve probably filled close to 400 or 500 sandbags today in the last three and a half hours," Canton resident, Jacob Overby said.

The city of Canton is coming together after Wednesday’s rain storm that hit southeast South Dakota pretty hard. Now many people are struggling to keep water out of their homes.

"There's a lot of people in work and in school and it's the older folks that come out and realize they’re flooded so they're not really as able as I am so just willing to help," Jacob Overby said.

Jacob Overby was heading out for the day to get things done when he noticed the water flooding the city so he dropped everything he was doing for the day to help out. Students from the middle school and high school stopped by too.

"The community here is great like we're all basically one family it's a small town like when we need each other we all come together and help out for the greater good," Canton resident, Cami McWayne said.

"It makes you feel like a better person and that you can help out the rest of the community," Canton resident, Jarrett Smith said.

When the students heard over the intercom at school that the city would be filling sandbags they wanted to get as many students out to help so families didn't have to worry about their homes.

"It means that we've helped a family we've saved them from grief of worrying about water damages in their basement and their structure of the house and just helping out one family means everything to us," McWayne said.

And many people that came out to help are receiving many thanks from the community.

"They’re an amazing group of kids who do a lot for our community already and in an emergency and crisis like this it's wonderful to have them helping us out today," Canton resident, Erica Stahl said.

To start the day there were only a few people helping, but with the help of the community things were able to go a lot faster.