Checking the NFL Super Bowl experience

For the past five years, the NFL Experience has set up and taken place in the site of the host city for the Super Bowl, and allowed fans to get one step closer to game with a interactive theme park all about the game.

Minnesota Vikings fan Andrew Fix tells us, "NFL experience, super bowl experience has been been awesome. been down here past couple days. its everything. you know family friendly, celebrities, nfl players walking all over. i kicked a field goal, threw a Hail Mary pass, even had opportunity to see my favorite players take some pictures as well as get some autographs too."

Andrea Lange and Megan Zayic are Vikings fans from Fargo. "I am going to say football lovers dream. Like we have been wandering around all afternoon. there is so much to see and i like all the little people you can stand in a jersey. it doesnt matter what team you are rooting for. you get to see every single team."

Here at the NFL experience fans can get to see what it is like to be an NFL player. That includes the combine and three cone shuffle.

Fans Erica Gennara and TJ Hemiller say, "We did some field goal kicking, 40 yard dash, a lot of drills like combine drills. Saw a lot of players signing autographs. A lot of drills are harder than you expect them to be so its fun.

You know there is games like kids and adults can do. Everyone here is such a great mood. Everyone is excited. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy this super bowl experience. "

"So far we got here and we saw Chad Greenway.. yeah we met him. Nice guy. We're best friends now."

Certainly a great a time today at NFL experience, a must-attend if you ever find yourself attending a Super Bowl down the road.