City engineers looking to add safety features after Wednesday morning's car accident

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - On Wednesday a car crashed into a home near north Leadale Avenue in Sioux Falls, and now the homeowners and neighbors are hoping the City will do more to bring attention to a curve in that area.

Police said there have been at least four accidents at the property since 2010.

"They can't seem to catch a break and it's really unfortunate and yeah, I hope the city does something cause I hate to have it happen again, whether they can rebuild the house or not who knows cause it's pretty beat up," Neighbor Zach Ferdinand said.

Police Chief Matt Burns and Principal Traffic Engineer Heath Hoftiezer spoke Friday morning about the efforts the police department and the City of Sioux Falls are making to combat these types of accidents.

The curve on North Leadale Avenue has been treated as a complaint zone since 2015, which is when the last crash happened. Complaint zones are determined by complaints and feedback from the public.

Officers have responded to the area 29 times with eight citations given out.

"What we see is that the vast majority of the traffic in that area is within the speed limit and is lawful, and those persons who are lawfully proceeding through that area and that curve maintaining proper speed limit and control never get into an accident," Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns said.

The Sioux Falls Police Department has put out speed trailers with the average drivers speed marked at 19 miles per hour.

"We lowered the advisory speed plaques on the curve warning signs from 20 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour to try to grab the drivers attention even more to emphasize that this is a curve that you really need to slowing down for," Sioux Falls Principal Traffic Engineer Heath Hoftiezer said.

Wednesday's car crash is bringing more discussion on what else the City can do to draw people's attention.

"We're working with our light and power department and looking at the lighting in the area," Hoftiezer said. "It looks like we may be able to add another light in the area of that curve, and that's one of the things that we're looking at, and we'll also continue to evaluate the curve and the possibility of adding chevrons or something else to draw even more attention."

If the City decides to put up any street lamps around the curve it would only take a few days to get one put up. But, it might take a few weeks to get things put together.

The driver of the car is still in the hospital with life threatening injuries. No one in the home was injured.