Closed section of I-90 strands drivers in Mitchell

MITCHELL, S.D. (KSFY) - The Interstate 90 closure caused a mess of headaches for travelers on Monday.

Blowing snow and high winds meant low visibility and dangerous driving in the Mitchell area, something many drivers said they were not expecting during their travels.

“Hoping we can get out as soon as possible,” Florida truck driver Eric Bedenis said.

The latest round of winter weather blanketed the Mitchell area in blowing snow, closing roads and stranding drivers.

“We were going to be going to Mt. Rushmore today, and so we kind of didn’t have a choice but to come to Mitchell,” Virginia traveler Jeremy Rath said.

And area hotels are staying busy accommodating side-tracked travelers.

“We've had about a dozen people come in now today," Ramada Inn employee Jhena Vandenhoek said. "They have all come in because of the interstate closing right here on the other side of Mitchell here and then they don’t want to go any further because of the driving conditions.”

“We might have to spend tonight, possibly tomorrow night," Rath said. "Hopefully not. Hopefully we can get out on the road.”

“We're on our way to Spokane, Washington, so until they open up I-80 and I-90, right now we’re just going to hunker down here,” Bedenis said.

But drivers said enduring the travel delay safely is better than the alternative.

“You can see there’s a lot of trucks and it’s to avoid accidents," Bedenis said. "Everybody’s come close at somebody point or another so it’s just better to stay off the roads."

If drivers do become stranded on the side of the road, make sure to stay in the car, turn on the flashers and call for help.