Company warns residents about dangers of frozen garage doors

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The cold temperatures can not only take a toll on cars and homes, but it can also damage garage doors.

The cold can break springs and cables, and can also freeze the bottom of the door to the ground.

Staff with Overhead Door Company said there are products people can use to keep their garage door from freezing shut. They said in some cases, having a garage door freeze shut can turn dangerous.

"The problem is when its cold outside, you don't want to be stuck outside, because it can be really dangerous," service sales specialist Daniel Mack said. "A lot of people don't carry keys anymore and use their garage as an entry door, so when you get stuck outside and your neighbors aren't around, or you're out in the country with nobody close by, it can be dangerous."

Staff at Overhead Door Company said it is a good idea for people to get their garage door serviced every year before winter weather hits.