Construction progresses at the Jewett Regional Science Center at NSU

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The campus of Northern State University in Aberdeen has seen a lot of changes recently. One of the projects is a new science center that is being built on the northeastern side of the campus.

The Jewett Regional Science Center is slated to open next fall.

"This building will house the science faculty at Northern State," Josh Hagen, Dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences.

"It's going to host a range of Science, Biology, Chemistry, GIS Labs, and it will have a new green house," Hagen said.

It's one of the many construction projects underway at Northern State University.

"It's a state of the art design built to be environmentally friendly in terms of energy usage, and it really is based on the premise of putting science on display," said Hagen.

Aside from being an educational building, Dean Josh Hagen says the center will provide opportunities the current building does not offer.

"Unlike our current Science facility, this building was specifically designed by experts in Science architecture to be used by Science faculty for both education and research," said Hagen.

Dean Hagen says this project was necessary for the region.

"It's just going to be another instance of campus reaching out to the community," said Hagen.

The Science Department at NSU is looking forward to the opportunity to keep up with the fast paced changes of the Science Industry.

"Science is one of the growing fields in higher education, the demand for STEM careers is growing so it's a major area of student interest," said Hagen.

The Jewett Regional Science Center will be open on December 17th for a walk through before officially opening in the Fall of 2019.