Cornerstone Church inundated by water

Today we were able to see first hand some flood damage to a Sioux Falls church and religious school.

Cornerstone Church in the 900 block of East 41st Street took on water overnight and today, like so many others, they were keeping a tally of the damage.

One of the most sickening feelings in the world has to be when you see water where you know there shouldn't be any.

"That is amazing. All this water. Just sitting here." Pastor Duane Arneson started Cornerstone Church in 1982.
He has never had any type of flooding problem here. But that changed last night. and today......"We got water all over."

Water ran through all 10-thousand square feet of this building which is not only Cornerstone Church but also Cornerstone School.

"It's surreal." Adam Brucklacher is the principal. It was he who was first alerted that flood waters were closing in. "I had a phone call probably 4-5 hours later of a parent who drove by saying there's water up against the building you might want to check it out."

Checking it out meant finding water in the classrooms here.
What has always been dry is now wet.

"We had a few items that were on the floor....a couple computers we didn't have elevated and they're not functioning anymore." Cornerstone School principal Adam Brucklacher said.

It is a feeling of of being powerless; knowing that this has happened and wondering what you do next.

"There was nothing we could have done. it came in from the back...the water... and it came in from the front." said Pastor Duane Arneson.

And after the water came in the back and in the front....the water.....came in.
Carpeting will have to be torn out as will sheet rock.
And while that can lead to a temporary feeling of does not leave anyone here feeling hopeless.

"I don't look at this as being something that..i don't like it....but it's not something that' going to stop us from doing what God has called us to do." Arneson said.

And while today was a rough day.....tomorrow holds promise.

"At the end of the will be fine." Brucklacher said.

Cornerstone Church will likely not be usable for the next three to four weeks.
In the meantime they will be holding their services at Faith Temple Church...which is at 33rd and Western in Sioux Falls.