Correction officials issue alert about release of high-risk inmate

Photo courtesy of the Department of Corrections

(KSFY) - State correctional officials are issuing a notification about the release of an inmate considered to be "high-risk" in the Rapid City area.

Twenty-eight-year-old Cory Yellow Boy serving a three-year sentence for second-degree escape from Pennington County.

Corrections Secretary Denny Kaemingk says Yellow Boy has nearly completed his sentence, but is issuing a warning over concerns that he may re-offend.

“Based on his extensive history of sexual offenses as well as institutional assessments that indicate a high risk for committing future sexual offenses, I am alerting law enforcement and the public of the offender’s pending release from prison,” Kaemingk said.

Yellow Boy plans to live in Rapid City upon his release on Dec. 11.

According to Kaemingk, the Department of Corrections has issued a total of 10 public notices of pending high-risk inmates.