Corvette drivers show up despite new venue for Hot Summer Nites

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - After 25 years, Hot Summer Nites moved from Downtown Sioux Falls to the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds. Corvettes usually lined Phillips and Main Avenues in Downtown Sioux Falls.

Organizers moved it to W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds for more space and to be able to do Quick 60 races. Even though the venue changed, hundreds of corvette owners still showed up.

Sioux Falls is the city where many of them kick off their adventure for the Black Hills Corvette Classic. On Thursday, they will all drive out west to Spearfish. People from all over the United States participate in the event.

Dave James is from Waverly, NE and has participated in the event for years.

"I actually really enjoy this, every year I do. And every year, it seems like it's new. They always got something different," James said.

This year was Kelly Payne's first year participating. He is from Nashville, TN.

"Everybody's got something in common. You got a lot of friends that you don't know, and you come here and you meet them. So it makes the event really special," he said.