Cresbard farmer receives community help with soybean harvest

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CRESBARD, S.D. Farmers across the region are in the middle of harvest. For one Cresbard family, it's going a little differently than last year after a cancer diagnosis.

Kevin Holt was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in July - just months before harvest would begin. A family friend turned their name into Farm Rescue hoping they would be able to help out. The organization contacted the Holt family and showed up today with some machines.

"It was a scary thought on how we were gonna get this crop in before the snow falls, so what a blessing all these people are," Pam Holt said.

Around 50 neighbors surrounding the family and those with Farm Rescue volunteered their combines, grain bins, and semis to help out. Today, farmers focused on Holt's soybeans fields.

"Sometime in the future here why we're probably gonna do his corn for him. We're more than happy, more than willing to help him out," Farm Rescue Volunteer Alan Enger said.

Having help with harvest is a task that lifts some weight off the Holt's shoulders.

"They have the same winter coming. They all have crops to get in too and they're all taking this day away from their work to help us," Pam said.

It can be a comforting thing to know that their crops are being taken care of. It may choke him up, but Kevin thinks the whole thing is amazing. He's been harvesting his fields for over 40 years and still can't get used to having to watch the combines from the sidelines.

The Cresbard Methodist Church prepared a dinner for everyone who helped out today. The group finished up the soybean fields in a matter of hours on Tuesday.