Dakota Dachshund Rescue shares tips on keep pets warm and safe

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Dakota Dachshund Rescue stopped by KSFY Morning News to share tips on keeping pets safe in the cold and away from leftovers.

With the temperatures dipping below zero for the next several days, it's important to keep dogs warm when they have to go out to do their business.

Diane Wade of Dakota Dachshund Rescue says if your hands are dry and cracked, the paws of your pups probably are too. There are balms that you can apply before you take pets outside to help keep snow and ice at bay.

Wade says you should keep baby wipes or a towel handy to wipe pets' paws after a trip outside and be sure to get the salt and sand off their paws -- particularly their paws. Salt can be deadly for dogs if ingested.

As for those holiday leftovers -- keep the ham away from dogs! Wade says it can cause pancreatitis -- which can be deadly for some animals. It also has a lot of salt and is generally just not good for pups.

Wade also tells KSFY News, if it's just too cold for your dog to outside, you can keep wee-wee pads in your garage during the winter months. Just pick them right up after they go to the bathroom to avoid a urine smell.

Hades and Castle joined Shawn and Erika on KSFY Morning News in studio Tuesday morning. Both are available for adoption now.

If you're interested in becoming the fur-ever family for either Hades or Castle, you can reach Dakota Dachshund Rescue at (605) 310-8443, dakotadachshund@hotmail.com or on their website. We've put a link under "Related Links."