Dakota Diners: Sissy's Cafe in Gregory

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'Dakota Diners' is back all this week on KSFY News at 6.

We're visiting small town, locally-owned restaurants all across the KSFY viewing area.

Tonight we're taking you to Gregory and introducing you to the husband and wife team behind 'Sissy's Cafe'.

Downtown Gregory was cold and cloudy on the day we visited but cutting through that was the open sign at a main street eatery called 'Sissy's Cafe'.

"We were living in Utah and then this place came for sale and we decided to give it a shot and the community has been very very very supportive of us." Five years ago, Arturo Barreto, his wife Jill and their three kids packed up and moved from Utah to Gregory.
Jill grew up here. "We love to cook and we know we have good food so that's what we do. It's all we do so we better be good at it, right?"

Jill and Arturo had owned and operated a restaurant in Utah. They decided to do the same thing in Gregory.
But despite their experience when they first got to town they weren’t quite sure what to do. Jill tells us, "When we first came we were like 'there are no Mexican restaurants around here' should we go all Mexican? And then we're like ahhhh.....you know people are going to want a hamburger."

Arturo says, "We weren't quite sure what kind of menu we were going to have. We decided well lets split it. We'll do half American, half Mexican."

So that's what they did. A split menu and it works! The place was packed at lunchtime when we stopped by.
They're busy in the fall when people come to town for high school football and hunting.
And do a consistent business year round.....which is something any restaurant owner is thankful for...but especially in Gregory where the population is just over 1,200. Jill tells us, "It was scary at first but we knew that we could do it and the community has been so supportive. Everyone has been great."

Wednesday night on KSFY News at 6, we're heading to Clark, South Dakota to check out 'Heather's Bistro'.